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SECTION 1 - Cable Connectors & Wiring Accessories

Cable Connectors
Industrial Lighting Components. Lighting components.

3A 12 way PVC strip
connectors. 5A 12W PVC strip connectors. 10A 3
Way enclosed connector boxes. IP44 Weatherproof
2 & 3 way connectors. IP68 WATERTIGHT connectors
for swimming pools & ponds. IP68 Waterproof 3 pole
inline cable connectors for underwater use. IP68
5 pole cable connecters for swimming pools, ponds
and underwater lighting use. IP68 3 Pole plug & socket
male to female waterproof cable connectors for
underwater use. IP68 5 Pole plug & socket male to
female waterproof cable connectors for swimming pools.
Watertight & waterproof IP65 3 & 5 pole cable
connectors.PVC insulation tape

SECTION 2 - TOOLS - SPECIALIST Cable strippers - Unistripper, automatic cable stripper, captive screwdriver, cable cutter

Cable stripping tools and chain parting pliers

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2.AUTO Automatic cable stripper £29.75 ea. + VAT and free shipping for pack of 10

Unistripper cable stripper.
Cabel stripped for stripping 2192Y HO3VVH2-F cable
Automatic cable stripper for outer sheath 2183Y HO3VV-F
cable Chain parting tool, chain tool, Chain pliers. Captive
screwdriver. special captive head screwdriver for wiring lamp
holders High quality cable cutter. T cutter. V stripper


Lamp Holders.
B15 SBC Bakelite lamp holder.
BC bulb holder. E12 American USA bakelite lamp holder. BC
bulb holder socket. 1/2" Lamp holder. USA bulb holder. E14 SES
bakelite phenolic lamp holder. ES bulb holder. ES socket bulb
holder. E14 Thermoplastic lamp holder. E14 Heat resisting lamp
holder. Clip-on E14 lamp holder. B22 BC Bakelite phenolic lamp
holder. USA lamp holder. American bulb holder. E26 USA American
UL approved bakelite lamp holder. E27 10mm. Bakelite phenolic
lamp holder. E27 Thermoplastic lamp hoder T210. 1/2" bulb holder.
Heat resistant thermoplastic lamp holder snap-fit clip-on dome.
E27 Bakelite plastic batten lamp holder. Ceramic lamp holder.
E27 Angle batten holder. Ceramic bulb holder. Angle bulb
holder. B22 BC T1 & T2 Bakelite batten fixing lamp holder.
10mm. Brass BC switched push bar lamp holder. 1/2" Brass
B22 BC push bar switched lamp holder. 1/2" BC brass
lamp holders with shade ring. 10mm. Chrome plated brass
BC lamp holder. 10mm. Antique rustic brass push bar lamp
holder. E27 Lampholder. Portalampada. G9 lamp holder.
G9 socket holder. GU10 lamp holder. GU10 bulb holder.
10mm. E27 ES Porcelain lamp holder. Ceramic heat lamp
holder. 10mm. E27 Porcelain ceramic reptile vivarium heat
resistant lamp holder. R7s lamp holder for 100-500W
double ended tungsten halogen lamp. E40 GES Porcelain
lamp holder for SON & Metal halide discharge lamps.
G4, GZ4, G5.3, GX5.3, GU5.3, G6.35, GY6.35, GZ6.35
Low voltage lamp holder. Compact fluorescent CFL 4 pin
lamp holder with internal igniter starter. G24d 2 pin compact
fluorescent CFL lamp holder. G24q 4 pin compact fluorescent
CFL lamp holder. GU6.5 Discharge Lamp holder for HQI MBI
Twist & Lock lamp. PGZ12, PGZ18, FC2, PGJ5 lamp holders.
G12, GX12-1, GX10, G8.5, GX8.5 lamp holders. RX7s lamp
holders. E14 Festoon holder. E27 Festoon holder. E27 Festoon
lamp holder. Festoon bulb holder. Festoon socket holders.
Brass bulb holder. Brass socket holders. Brass bulb socket holder.
Portalampada per alogene. Portalampada per lampade a scarica.
Portalampada per alogene 12-24V. Portalampada edison a vite.
Portalampada a baionetta B15 & B22. G22 lamp holder. 1/2 inch
lamp holder. 10mm brass lamp holder.

Cords and Cables Ltd - Lighting Components.
Lighting Components - Cords and Cables Ltd. C & C Components.
Collingwood, Collingwood Lighting, VLM, Relco. INLICO Lighting
components. Lighting and Electrical Components

SECTION 4 - Plugs, Inline Switches, Inline Cord Sets, Prewired Plug Leads & Powerleads

Plugs, inline switches and cord sets

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UK Euro plug adaptors. USA
travel plug converter adaptors. 16A Schuko Plug. 2 pin
Europlug. Inline hand dimmers. BRIDGE dimmer. Foot
dimmer. Low voltage foot dimmer transformer 20 to 60
watt. Low voltage foot dimmer transformer 35-105 Va.
2A foot switch for floor standard lamp. Prewired plug leads.
2A inline switch for table lamp. 2A Torpedo switch.
Table lamp switch. 2A pull cord switch. 2A push button
switch. miniature push switches. 2A mini press switch.
Trailing extension socket leads. Surge protected extension
trailing sockets. Prewired foot swtiches for floor standard
lights and uplighters

SECTION 5 - PLASTIC COMPONENTS: Grommets, Cord Grips, Isolaters, Nipples & Shade adaptor rings

Plastic lighting components for table lamps & chandeliers

10mm. Clear plastic
grommet for all thread. 1/2" grommet for allthread.
Snap-in grommet for brass table lamp bases.
10mm. & 1/2" plastic insulation grommets. Isolaters for
E14 & E27 lampholders. T Piece lamp holder isolater.
10mm. Plastic wood nipple. 10mm. Plastic locknut.
13mm. Plastic locking nut. 10mm. Plastic washer.
1/2" Plastic washers. Candle drips. 10mm. Hollow plastic
nipple. 1/2" Pottery nipple for table lamp. 10mm. Cord grips
and cable clamps. 10mm. Saddle cord grip. 10mm. 2 part
male cord grip. 10mm. Cord grip cable clamp with side
locking grub screw. Lampshade adaptor rings.
Lamp shade converter ring. Serracavo nero & bianco

Cords and Cables Ltd
- Plastic Lighting Components. C & C Components -
Plastic Lighting Components. Plastic Lighting Components
by C & C Components

SECTION 6 - METAL COMPONENTS:  Allthread, 10mm. Locknuts, Loops and rings, Chain, Hook plates

Metal Lighting Components

10mm. steel locknut. 1/2" brass
locknuts. 10mm. zinc plated lock nut, 13mm. Steel lock nut. M10 x 1
brass locknut. 10mm. Brass coupler. 1/2" Brass coupler. M10 x 1
brass coupler. 10mm. Brass coupler with side entry hole. 10mm.
Allthread. 10mm. All thread. M10 x 1 hollow allthread. 10mm. Hollow
threaded bar all thread rod. 10mm. Brass knuckle joint. 10mm. brass
ball joint. 10mm. Brass Swivel joint. 10mm. Brass ball & socket joint.
10mm. Brass finials.
Glass shade reducing rings. Shade reducer adaptors.
Glass shade adaptor ring. 10mm. Brass lamp lamp holder
cover cups. 10mm. Hickey coupler. 1/2" to 10mm. Brass
reducer. 1/2" Reducer. 1/2" brass reducer. 10mm. to 8mm.
Brass reducer. 8mm. brass reducer. 10mm. brass plated
steel washer. 1/2" flat brass washer. 10mm. brass nipples.
1/2" brass nipple plate. 10mm. brass nipple plate.
Decorative lighting chandlier chain. Decorative Chrome
chain for chandeliers. Antique & rustic decorative chain.
Heavy duty chandelier chain. Oval chain for chandeliers.
10mm. Earth tags. 1/2" earth tags. 10mm. hooks.
10mm. Earthing terminals for pendant lights and chandeliers
Brass ceiling hook plates. Decorative ceiling hook plates
for chandeliers. Heavy duty ceiling hook plates for suspending
chandeliers. Pan head screws. Pozi pan screws. Pozi drive
screw. Star head screws

Cords and Cables Ltd - Brass & Metal Lighting Components
Metal & Brass Lighting Components - Cords and Cables Ltd
C & C Components - Brass Lighting Components
Metal & Brass Lighting Components by C & C Components, Birmingham UK

SECTION 8: CABLE - Click here to view range and offers

2, 3, 4, 5, 7 & 9 Core mains flexible electric cable

Single core silicone cable.
1 x .75 heat resistant silicone cable. 3 x .75 heat resistant
silicone cable. PTFE 250 deg. heat resistant teflon cable.
Silicone cable. PVC insulated 2, 3, 4 & 5 core cable. High
temperature silicone cable. Single core cable. 2 Core cable.
3 Core cable. 4 Core cable. 5 Core cable. Clear Transparent
cable. 2182Y blue, brown, green, yellow, & grey coloured
cable. 2183Y blue, brown, green, yellow, & grey coloured
cable. 2182Y & 2183Y flexible cable, 2182Y & 2183Y
electric cable


Wooden lamp bases in a range of styles made from the finest beech wood